Oli Sorenson.

Also known as the Antimap series, Sorenson reappropriate the "mapping" technique, a process commonly used in video festivals which he (re)contextualizes in gallery spaces. In restrained interventions he lays out minimal patterns reminiscent of Daniel Buren and Op Art aesthetics to project these onto three-dimensional shapes which underline screens that resist their role of passive receptacles and inform the video images with an additional element of perception.


Mapping Buren 14, video stills, 2010

Mapping Buren 32, video installation, 300x230x40cm, 2012

Mapping Buren 32 (detail), video installation, 300x230x40cm, 2012

Mapping Buren 31", 2012, video installation, 250x600x600cm

Mapping Buren 31, video installation, 250x600x600cm, 2012

Mapping Buren 30, video installation, 100x100x100cm, 2012

Mapping Buren 27, video installation, 205x310x80cm, 2012

Mapping Buren 27, acrylic on canvas, 180x307cm, 2012

Mapping Buren 27 (projections panels), various sizes, 2012

Mapping Buren 29, video installation, 60x244x122cm, 2012

Mapping Buren 11, video installation, 60x244x122cm, 2011

Mapping Buren 03, video installation, various sizes, 2011

Mapping Buren 01, video installation, 160x160x45cm, 2010

Study for Antimap (Post Buren), 60 min. single screen video (excerpt)


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