Oli Sorenson.

Art Google involves submitting several search queries in Google as the basis for this series. Tapping into a range of terms normally used to describe a romantic artist, adjectives like 'Original', commonly referring to the unique character of the creative genius come out lost in a multitude of search results, after instantaneously traversing the search engine, subverting themselves under the culture of the network.



Art Google (vitrine installation view), 2013, lazer-cut self-adhesive vynil on foam core, 137x335x60cm

Art Google (Database Series), 2013, felt pen on DVD containing unique SQL database, each 12x12cm

Google Popularity + Google Inspiration, self-adhesive vynil, 20x20cm each

Google Authenticity + Google Virtuosity, self-adhesive vynil, 20x20cm each

Google Originality + Google Novelty, self-adhesive vynil, 20x20cm each

Google Controversy + Google Meaning, self-adhesive vynil, 20x20cm each


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