Oli Sorenson.

The James Bond Megamix project is produced in continuation with the video sampling and re-editing work entitled No More Heroes, where I erased all the scenes from Hollywood movies that I could hear or see the main protagonists. Aiming to take the art of remixing beyond issues of copyright, here instead I point out some of the inherent narrative stereotypes within mainstream cinema, and particularly to highlight the central position of the hero, commonly attributed to a young white man. Once this leading role was removed from previous edits of films such as Taxi Driver, The Matrix, and Blade Runner, the storyline of my remixes became more experimental and absurd, while the remaining characters tended to manifest a greater diversity of physical traits (gender, ethnicity, age, etc.), and thereby corrected the said stereotypes.


After downloading and altering many classic films for No More Heroes, then exhibiting the remixes in several art venues, with James Bond Megamix, I am currently in the process of re-editing all the 24 official James Bond films in the same fashion (without Sean Connery, without Roger Moore, etc.). In addition, I will present these full-length feature films in the form of a megamix, by combining multiple titles within the same timeframe, thus producing a body of digital works of monumental scale, distributed under a multitude of formats. So far, I am planning to include a 4K resolution single screen edit, a multi-screen audiovisual installation, cataloged film samples on a network of social networks, and Photoshop retouched images, printed on laser-cut archive paper. I have submitted this work-in-progress already to a number of exhibition projects and festivals, and currently waiting on feedback to select a venue to premiere the completed work.

James Bond Megamix, 1min30 single-screen demo combining highlights from the first 8 films, 2017

James Bond Megamix, 2min single-screen demo combining 12 car chases from the first 12 films, 2018

James Bond Megamix, mock up of 4K single-screen edit composed of 24 feature films, 2017

No More Heroes [James Bond Edition], photoshopped and laser-cut posters, 2018

No More Heroes [James Bond Edition], photoshopped posters, 2017


James Bond Megamix [Goldfinger], single screen edit, 1min excerpt, 2017
James Bond Megamix [Thunderball], single screen edit, 1min excerpt, 2017

James Bond Megamix [You Only Live Twice], single screen edit, 1min excerpt, 2017
James Bond Megamix [On Her Majesty's Secret Service], single screen edit, 1min excerpt, 2017


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