Oli Sorenson.

The ongoing No More Heroes film remix project was initiated in 2009 as a festive VJ mashup, and has from 2012 been exhibited in art galleries as autonomous single screen edits, and multi-channel installations. In this video sampling and re-editing work, Sorenson erased all the scenes from Hollywood movies where the main protagonist could be seen or heard. Beyond inherent issues of copyright, the artist here points out the recurrent narrative stereotypes in mainstream cinema, and particularly highlights the central position of the hero, commonly attributed to young white men.

On viewing the remaining footage that Sorenson put back together, the supporting characters are now perceived as main protagonists and a new story is imagined from the patched up dialogues. The once canonical storylines of feature films like Taxi Driver orThe Matrix now becomes a series of experimental and absurd short film.


However, the remaining characters tend to manifest a greater diversity of physical traits (gender, ethnicity, age, etc.), and thereby correct the aforementioned stereotypes. By cutting away the main actor, Sorenson is short-circuiting Joseph Campbell’s claim that all narratives revolve around a ‘hero’s journey.’

This re-presentation and re-ordering practice aims to re-orient cultural objects towards multiple relations and multiple authors; towards processes of networked mediation, by incorporating the authorship of previously made works as the subject matter of new art objects. While mainstream films such as The Big Lebowski and Blade Runner remain instantly recognizable, even after removing their main character, Sorenson’s remixes become branded under the same experimental treatment, displacing iconic films within the context of gallery exhibitions while pocking a finger at Hollywood’s obsession with central heroic figures.

No More Heroes (Posters and Edits), installation view at Trois Points Gallery, 2015

No More Heroes (Series One), 2013, inkjet print, 101x229cm

No More Heroes (Series Two), 2013, inkjet print, 101x229cm

No More Heroes (Matrix), single screen edit, 21min44

No More Heroes (Blade Runner), single screen edit, excerpt, 3min29

No More Heroes (Rocky), single screen edit, excerpt, 1min38

No More Heroes (Taxi Driver), single screen edit, excerpt, 1min51


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