Oli Sorenson.

Inspired from the live works of Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto (1933-) of meticulously breaking large mirrors, here Sorenson instead damages large format Liquid Crystal Display video monitors. Due to the unpredictable nature of the breaking process, LCD screening units are transformed into unique objects, so viewers must reassess the materiality of these objects. Instead of looking through the screens, viewers must now look at the shattered patterns on the broken TVs, since their mediating function as windows to a virtual world is now inverted to present concrete and sculptural objects.


Video Pistoletto, general view FILE Festival (after performance), 46inch monitors (1 24inch monitor), Jun. 2015

Video Pistoletto screens, (detail) 2015-16

Video Pistoletto Performance, FILE Festival, Dec. 2014

"Video Pistoletto Performance at FILE Festival" (video archive) 2015

Screens after performance (detail), Jun. 2015

Screens after performance (detail), Dec. 2014

Screens after performance (detail), Jun. 2015

Cover of Etc Media, June 2015


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